Culture.Taste.Inspire's 2 Islands & 1 Option for Girlfriend Getaways

Absolutely, many women look forward to those 'ladies night, girlfriends night out', and while those are simply fabulous in their own unique way, let's step it up many notches and get those passports, bikinis, and fabulous ensembles out and take these girlfriend escapades to the tropical shores of the Caribbean.

DJ Revz and friends in Barbados - CropOver 2017

DJ Revz and friends in Barbados - CropOver 2017

The best getaways are those which instantly make you put aside your worries and cares about work, kids, issues with spouses, significant others, this, that and the other, and allows you to indulge in exquisite dining, amazing cultural diversity, shopping in a safe and beautiful location, with those gals who have been there for you through it all. Girlfriend Getaway Destinations:

  1. Barbados is very tourist friendly and it is also an island which enjoys one of the highest standards of living within the Caribbean. There is much that can be experienced; if girlfriends are adventure seekers, they will benefit from off-the-beaten-track experiences, get loose from St. Lawrence Gap and head East of the island, this is where you'll enjoy hiking, and dynamic windsurfing and of course Bajan culture.
  2. Anguilla attracts the 'moola-crowd', non-money challenged, wealthy, rich, you get the picture. It boasts 30 beaches, and a phenomenal wealth of dining options, and umpteen outdoor activities to lull outdoorsy types into a coma. Now, for the GF's who want for nothing, there are several upscale villas and accommodations which will accommodate them nicely, but there is one villa that is simply a must, Cerulean Villa. There are seven bedrooms, indoor and outdoor bars, a staff of 14 who will cater to your every wanting desire.  
  3. Cruising, travel writer Carly Milne states there are five reasons why cruising the Caribbean makes for a fab ladies getaway: a cruise will most likely be all-inclusive, you get a taste of many destinations, ample opportunities for a taste adventure, you don't feel guilty about doing nothing, and "you can have deep meaningful conversations with a gorgeous ocean backdrop." Also, if you consider onboard spas and you can double and or triple up to share room expenses, then, you have the stage for a phenomenal escape with your chicas!

We'll share another three Caribbean destinations ideal for girlfriend getaways soon!

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