Grand Cayman and her Beaches

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach

If there were to be a "popular" beach in GCM, it will be Seven Mile Beach. This unspoiled powdery white sanded beach is home to most resorts, restaurants, and shopping centers. 

The quaint Cemetery Beach attracts sun worshipers, swimmers, and snorkel enthusiast. Here you can also have a unique experience by feeding some very friendly local fish and marine life.

Rum Point Beach, located on North Sound, is a local favourite for beach limes, the week-end gatherings. It is surrounded by a barrier reef, and is an ideal spot for easy access snorkelling.

Smith's Cove, is just to the west of George Town, and it is a great beach for snorkelling, swimming, and family picnics.

Water Cay offers an unspoiled beach in the purest sense. Here you will often spot the large orange starfish in the shallow waters.

And there's ooh so many more beaches for you to enjoy. Starfish Point, Rumpoint, Cayman Kai Public Beach, Coo Wood Beach to name but a few.  Guaranteed, you will find your piece of paradise in Cayman.

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