Health is Wealth

Dear Travel Diary,

Let's face it, today there is a surge of fitness, body and lifestyle coaches, and I'm not pretending to be either. All I know is I have this body and one life to enjoy and live, and my health is very important. 

When you're on vacation, you may not necessarily want to be in a gym, especially if you're in the Caribbean, but the outdoors are always a great way to get fit, mainly because of all the walking, coupled with the heat.

TIP:  I have found that if a person lacks self MOTIVATION it's a good thing to partner up with a group of women who are motivated and on the same fitness path, where you can be accountable to one another. If a group is not your thing, get a Fitbit, or install a fitness app, I use the BodySpace app.

Just get MOVING and keep fit.


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