🎶IFR's Dance Fitness Instructor Teisha Smith-Guthrie's Instructing Style📻


Recently Teisha and I were having our daily updates via Whatsapp meeting, as we were going over our plans and were speaking as to a dance instructors style. This came after witnessing a particular instructors style which was more about HER dancing than her clients learning and being able to follow.  This instructor did not communicate the moves, or anything to her clients and everyone looked lost, confused, and just trying to keep up with what she was doing.

I'm not a fitness instructor, I'm not a dancer, but I know from watching many videos and taking Zumba, yoga, and other classes etc...that as an attendee, I expect the instructor to communicate what she's doing, what's coming next, as well as show, even if she just uses her hands to signal how many counts etc.  She must not forget that she's teaching a class and does not get lost in her own world leaving me uninspired.

At times I think that many people are so money-hungry that they feel they have to teach everything and be everything to everyone. But surely that mindset will not yield anything. And unless you are a pro at every type of dance style, pole dancing, Latin, West Indian etc., and are in it just for the money and forget that your clients are the reason why you are instructing, then I believe you have missed the real purpose, which is HELPING OTHERS ATTAIN THEIR PERSONAL FITNESS & DANCE GOAL.

This is how an Island Fitness Retreats retreat instructor instructs:

  • She communicates
  • She is patient
  • She smiles
  • She is fun
  • She provides a high energy danceout(workout)
  • She allows you to move at your own pace
  • She is helpful
  • She is approachable

Teisha's classes are laid-back, super fun, interactive and you are able to move at your own pace, ask questions and even receive one on one attention. You will always hear and see her, so as to prepare yourself for what's coming next. 

The goal of an IFR is not to turn you into a Salsa, Dancehall, Soca Queen in a weekend, but more so to introduce you to the varying styles of dance and help you get fit in a different way. 

Take a look at a mini-video we shot in Toronto just so you have an idea as to what you can expect on an Island Fitness Retreats retreat.



 🌴We look forward to you joining us on ALL of our retreats 👙.