Travel Tip: Is It The Journey or The Experiences

Dear Diary,

There is no doubt that we live in very fast times. Everything is almost instant and at our fingertips. The speed at which one can seek and receive information via phones, tablets, watches, practically almost the speed of light (well, maybe not that fast), but still, fast! 

But surely when we travel, we can take the time to slow our pace and truly enjoy that which we are experiencing for the first or thirtieth time. 

TravelTip-Slow down.jpg

Personally, travel is not about the journey to arrive at the destination, though at times that in itself can be an experience all on its own, but more so than the journey, what are you experiencing? What are you seeing, smelling, tasting, what's making you smile, what's making you gasp, what has blown your mind so much so that you can't wrap your mind around it! To me, that's travel!  It's all those elements of a destination that has carved a notch in your heart and soul.

Tip: Definitely enjoy the journey getting there, but once there, slow down and enjoy what's around you, take in every moment on your travel adventure, no matter where you roam.

Happy Travels!

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