Jamaica Gets The Alright by Oksana


Recently a fellow travel colleague had the opportunity to experience Jamaica and the IberoStar, here is her review

Jamaica! Get All Right.
The time came for another self made FAM. Since Jamaica was an uncharted territory for me, off I was to Montego Bay . Sunwing weekly flight departs Edmonton at 6 45 am, then stops in Calgary to refuel and pickup more passengers. 2 hours later, we finally leave Alberta ground.
Flight with a stop is rather long, and makes a total of 8 hours on board, including fueling time. Drinks are served 4 times and one complimentary meal is provided.
I grew impatient as this time is sufficient to fly to Europe .
Airport transfer: we were transported by bus and we were happy to be at hotel in 30 minutes.
Check in was super quick and soon we were in our room with a nice surprise: a side sea view.
Hotel looks quite new, nicely decorated and freshly painted.
Room extra clean,with many white towels, full toiletry kit, and a roomy balcony.
Fridge stocked daily with Carib bear, water and soft drinks, plus a coffee maker.
Hotel offers free room service from 11 am to 11 pm.
— Oksana