Limin' in Toronto has so much to offer

Dear Travel Diary,

Yes, this is a Caribbean & Colombian inspired musings of a blog, but when we aren't enjoying the tropics, we are enjoying our backyard of Canada, Toronto and surroundings to be exact. And let us just say that this city is exploding with something/anything to do, see, eat, experience at any given moment.

So you want culture, what's your fancy? West Indian, South American, European, East Indian, Asian? What is it?  Because honey, you can experience it ALL!! Last weekend, I was treated to the Opera, Rigoletto and I had an incredible time. There was a time when I felt to get up and sing along with the cast...but, I did not. That would have been quite the spectacle. I did enjoy applauding the cast as they came out for their final curtain bow and I applauded and yelled BRAVO like a total champ! LOVED IT ALL!.

If your taste is more of an ethnic one, West Indian vibe, well then find a soca fete or a dancehall bashment and enjoy those pulsating vibes, and or food which ideally goes hand in hand.