Lobster Monstericious

When you're a person who enjoys food, the realization that there are so many varying cuisines and restaurants serving them up can be a bit overwhelming.

One of the main fabulous positives about living in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area), and surroundings, are the many options of restaurants. I found Lobster Monster on the Open Table app, and booked that reservation immediately, mainly because I LOVEEEEE seafood.

Another great thing about this city is the fact that any person can be a traveller in the city by discovering all these various pockets in the city. I learned, according to the Swarm app, that the restaurant is located in an area called Bedford Park, Yonge & Lawrence area. 

So, my dearest friends and I meet up and are immediately in love with the exterior, it is bright, clean, simple, and welcoming.  

Upon entry, it is Sooo charming and again, welcoming. Bright colours, nautical theme, positive quotes, and a husband and wife team, who are truly the best hosts. They absolutely take care of their patrons, by offering advice when solicited, and making you feel absolutely welcomed.

The food, ooh the food!! *cue Shirley Bassey's, where do I begin*.  The menu is pretty simple with lobster being the headliner, and a great kids menu. The food is simple and 100% delicious!

These are a few pics of what went down...now, understand, that once a lobster bib goes on, one instinctively knows what is about to happen.

I have to return, have to, no I must, I will return!