My First Top 5 Restaurants In Toronto

5, only 5, woman are you high?

Yes, that was the question I envisioned you asking as you read this.  Naturally the city and surroundings are littered with many many great restaurants of varying ethnicities throughout, and seeing as I have not dined at ALL of these places, I am about to do my best and pick my personal 5 faves, from at least the past year(why do I even bother with these exasperating posts, putting myself through such craziness as I now have to remember, these great places.) However will I recount them all?  Ooh, I know I'll check out my Swarm feed and or my Gogobot profile, no doubt I would have reviewed and shared it with the Gogobot Community(shameless plug for my Gogobot profile), lol 

Ok, come with me as we saunter down memory lane for a moment:

  1. Fisherman Lobster Clubhouse located in Markham, ON - if you are a seafood lover, this is the place for  you.  A great spot for couples, both small and or large groups.
  2. Fred's Not Here located in Toronto, ON - the entertainment district is home to FNH. A simple delicious menu serving up many tempting delights.
  3. Frank's Kitchen located in Toronto, ON - Little Italy hosts this romantically charming restaurant. The chef masterfully creates great cuisine as well as his own dinnerware..
  4. Luckee Restaurant located in Toronto, ON - Soho Metropolitan Hotel is host to Chef Sursur's dimsum creations. Decor, staff, food presentation, and the taste are a 10.
  5. SantaMonica Trattoria located in Etobicoke, ON - Mediterranean cuisine in a romantic space with a very attentive owner, who takes care of you personally.  Delicious cuisine. 

These 5 are memorable to me, I can still see the presentations in-front of me and taste every morsel.  I try not to return to the same restaurant within the same year, because there are so many places yet to be discovered. I'll return with a different 5 shortly....

Yes, this 5LBer will do nicely

If you're reading this and have dined at either of these restaurants, I'd be more than happy to know about your experience and if you're moved to venture to either as a first time, I would especially LOVE your review and what you experienced.  With the exception of Fisherman Lobster Clubhouse, the other restaurants are all very romantic either in the intimate size, the mood lighting, decor, staff, wine selection and general atmosphere; of the 4, Frank's Kitchen is in the #1 spot for ROMANTIC. 

Happy dining! 

From upper left: Frank's Kitchen & Fishermans Lobster Clubhouse

From upper left: Frank's Kitchen & Fishermans Lobster Clubhouse