The 'CURSED' Eden Brown Estate in Nevis

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Legend has it that Eden Brown was originally a sugar plantation, no surprise there, but cotton was also grown there. Anyhoo, in 1822 there were two families The Maynards and the Huggins(who actually owned Eden Brown, and there was to be a wedding. The bride to be, Julia Huggins was to marry Walter Maynard. Shortly before the wedding took place there was an argument between Walter and her brother, John, who was the best man.

History tells many reasons for the argument, but one of the reasons was over a mulatto slave girl.  There was a challenge and John the best man shot Walter the groom. Of course, there is another version where the two men were killed, as well as Julia's Father forbad her to marry Walter who was a murderer, and so on and so on.

Source - Google

Source - Google

It is said that Julia lived the rest of her life as a spinster and died at the family home in Mountravers years later and that to this day it is her ghost which is seen roaming about the estate. Now once again, history has some conflicting tales and tells, there are other accounts where ghosts of the two men are seen as well.  Some local residents have claimed that they do feel the presence of “someone” especially when near the eerie old house.

To this day, the estate, what's left of it, still commands spectacular views over the sea, and on a very clear day Antigua and Montserrat can be seen from the gallery/porch/verandah.

Are you going to dare to visit, or have you visited?

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