Notes on a plane - Flight to Bucaramanga on Avianca

Shello Travel Diary,

This post simply notes I took on the plane while flying on Avianca, A Star Alliance compadre. 

Notes on a plane:

Boarded plane and I said, "PHEW, man it's hot on this plane." They had the heat UP UP UP! I guess because Bogota was a crazy '12 degrees', lol. But truly, the temperature outside was just perfect. Of course, it was perfect, I travelled from Canada and it's minus 25 and death-defying windchills.

Flight time - as I set the timer on the Fitbit the gentleman to my right, makes the sign of the cross/kisses his rosary as the plane begins the runway glide. 

Wheels up, a bit rough, then all is smooth. Sadly, I did not have a window seat so I was unable to take the awesome pictures of the city below, however, as I peeked to the right I caught a glimpse of green, lots of green.

Observing passengers a mix of everyone, of course, I was the only black woman/person on the flight, but, I love to see just how Colombians travel within their country. Whether it be for business and or pleasure.  Mature men dressed up in their socks matching their pants and shoes, jackets, I saw one gentleman with a pocket watch, and I thought, "now that's class". 

The female flight attendant decked out in her red skirt and white shirt without the hat and darling cape, but still very nice. I thought the men looked a bit frumpy, but hey, working all those hours on your feet in such close quarters with strangers inhaling and exhaling recycled air, and I'm sure you'd look a wee-bit frumpy. But alas, the femmes looked so polished, at least the one female attendant on this particular flight.

LOVE these uniforms

No meals on this flight, simply a drink to quench the parched throat, which was fine, after-all, it is a very short flight.

Seating pretty comfortable as I sat in 12D I was happy that the seat pitch was ideal. Even when the passenger in front of me reclined ALL the way back, the sudden eye roll made me inhale for the inevitable, but alas, there was no problem, my legs were comfortable.


seat pitch...

knees aren't touching...This airline has better seat pitch than AC knees aren't touching the seat infront of me. That's a BONUS!!

Approaching there was much turbulence, another sign of the cross from the gentleman to my right and a kiss of the rosary, and we're smooth again, suddenly lots more mountains, valleys, peaks, and suddenly city, skyscrapers, no really, LOTS of skyscrapers!

Touchdown and another sign of the cross from the gentleman to my right and hello HEAT of Bucaramanga, the City of Parks!

Thank you Avianca!