Numero uno annoyance

....of living in a predominantly white town is a person of colour CANNOT find hair products....I won't even mention a barber/salon....omg!!

Shoppers Drug Mart - BOO!! In Brampton I'm sure I've seen an "Ethnic Section", true Wasaga Beach IS NOT BRAMPTON, but goodness gracious, at least one damn product to show we cater to EVERYONE!

Walmart - double BOO!!  

So in light of this foolishness I now have to kilkatail myself and drive out to Midland where one weekend I happened upon a black salon, Pendula Hair, run by an African woman who does braids. Her shop has a few things which I believe can sustain my beeds until I venture back to BTown to Exhale Barbershop and Salon to have my hair hooked up!

Memo to non-folks-of-colour, it would be a great thing to train and employ at least one person who can style black persons hair, because guaranteed WE certainly do cater to EVERYBODY in our salons and barbershops!!