Packing Toileteries For Your Vacation

Recently I was packing and I went back & forth about packing some products. Shall I pack a body wash, soap, a sponge, washcloth, etc.? Truth be told, I didn't, especially if I'm staying in a hotel, and a great hotel at that, I'll just leave that to the hotel to provide. But, what I have found is a great alternative,  an all-in-one body wash and sponge. I think this is soooo fab, and it smells divine!!


Leave it to Winners  to have these awesome products which I think are ideal for travellers. This is a great option for backpackers, peeps who are constantly on the go, living on beaches, in the mountains,  couch surfing, etc. where ever you roam to, soap up, get clean, and smell oh-so gooood, at least for 20+ washes.


I haven't used it yet, I keep smelling it through the wrapper, but ANY day now, I'll be smelling all morning dewy.  

What toiletries do you pack when you travel, are they even worth it, unless you have prescribed products?