Peak Season & Off Season in The Caribbean Explained

Belmond la Samanna Spa

Belmond la Samanna Spa

Be honest, you've contacted your travel professional and requested an all-inclusive during peak season for two at a 4-5 star hotel to Antigua for $2000.   You know you're guilty of this carnage.  And while we travel professionals put up with much, it's time you understand a basic rule.  When are the peak & off seasons, or high & low seasons in the Caribbean?  Have you ever wondered WHY that hotel is priced? Remember this: - 

  1. Peak Season or high season is the time between Mid-December to Mid-April.  This is the season where hotels charge their highest rates.  This is also usually the driest time and the most miserable time in North America/Canada.  (now, not to say that you may find that awesome deal, but typically, you will spend more during this time)
  2. Off Season or low season is the time between Mid-April to Mid-December, one big summer sale!  Online travel agencies are driving you crazy with all of those amazing deals and offers.
    The Caribbean does have one iddy-biddy problem, hurricane season, which officially is from June 1 to November 30.  Due your diligence when booking, and remain informed.

Now that you know this bit of information, be kind to your travel professional the next time you request:

  • A Caribbean destination
  • During peak season
  • All-inclusive
  • 4-5 star accommodations
  • $2000 for two adults with taxes included

Now that you understand, let's be kind to our travel professionals ok!  And know that if you want the 4-5 star hotel with the all-inclusive perks, you're gonna have to dig deeper, just a little-iddby-bit more :).

Happy Travels :)