Product Review: No Name Insect Repellent

Like yourself I am positive that you have tried many repellents in your travels, and did those little bloodsuckers still feast on you? Why, I'm pretty sure they did. Well, many years ago I wanted, no, I needed a good repellent.  I used many of those popular brand names and the mosquitoes, and sand flies, and all those other critters just laughed at the ridiculous attempt to starve them off.

But hello ooh glory day, I landed in TnT and found this little bad boy....and I have never looked back. Buh-bye other products, you have been replaced by.....

The BEST product, EVER! 

....this repellent is THE BEST! It is odourless, can be used on kids 6 +, and it WORKS!  I will admit I did use it lightly on my baby, and he's healthy!   Now I realize that we all will have a different experience as with everything else, but everyone I have told and given this product to has said the same thing to me, "it really works, not one bite"! 

 When I was in Colombia, tripsing through Tayrona Park, I used the repellent and for the entire time I was there, not one mosquito or tiny whatever stood a chance, however, other people looked like someone tortured them with pins. 

If ever you have the opportunity to use this, I suggest you do.  I'd be more than tickled pink to know of your experience.

$9.00 TTD = $1.39 USD | $1.91 CAD

Review is that of my own experience and accord, and not that of the supplier.