Ripley's I believe it

Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto is a great way to spend a few hours.  View the ocean and all of it's inhabitants, even if they are confined to a man-made ocean so thousands of people can get an upclose personal look at them as they just go about their daily lives.

Crowded I know

I will admit that this place is great, for both kids and adults alike.  I would suggest purchasing your tickets online, there are some discounts when done this way, print and or scan via your phone, avoid those long lines. Also, if you're one who has an issue handing over $2.00 per coat, $3.00 per cubby, and $4.00 per other option, I would suggest packing a backpack, and just wearing clothing comfortable to walk around in.

You cannot bring in outside food, and in such, you are to shell out $11.00 for a burger combo and so forth....I'm guessing babies have it easy with Mom readily available to serve up a natural warm meal on the spot, and it's FREE!

Back to the Aquarium.  I can see why schools and families flock to this place.  It is very interactive, especially for children, touching the stomach of a shark, feeling how a particular kind of jellyfish feels, texture of sharks skin, learning about seahorses and their hard exterior etc.  It is a magical educational place.