Island Life Expectation vs. Reality

Islandlife vs reality(expectation).jpg

Dear Travel Diary, 

I had a thought, as I usually do, about an individuals views about what ”Island Life” expectation vs. the reality of it all. Now if  we are taking our social cues from movies, television, celebrities, and SOME travel bloggers that seem to share the only ideal Island lifestyle, then the EXPECTATION you may be inclined to think it is all about perfect blonde people with deep pockets, partially living as the movie Blue Lagoon, the original, with perfect bodies zero percent body fat running along the beach, wind rustling through their hair, in super sexy swimwear, drinking the perfect rum punch, eating food only caught from the sea or hunted in forests, living in perfectly decorated miniature or sprawling luxurious homes perched in lush green mountains and or beachfront locations with an eagles eye view as far as the eye can see, with the help being some local woman to help them take care of their children.

You may be surprised that the REALITY can be a combination of that glowing EXPECTATION and a staunched reality, where everyone does not live in sprawling mansions, eats shrimp and lobster, dressed only in a sarong, sipping on exotic drinks daily. Driving through neighbourhoods in any Caribbean destination one will observe varying homes from the most modest of shacks to the most grandiose of houses.  But, truly, as I've personally seen in Trinidad & Tobago, there are high end Hummers, Porsches, Jaguars, Roll Royces on the road, owned by a select few individuals.

My advice to a visitor is not to get too caught up on what you see on TV shows and the movies. Do your research on the destination you are visiting and get the latest updates so at least you know what to expect and your expectations won't be totally dashed for example, if you see a cow tied to a tree or stray dogs fighting in the streets", it's only LIFE  

Happy Travels!