Be Brave And Explore On Your Own

I’m an awkward chick when it comes to doing many things. I walk into doors, say inappropriate things at times, but whatever I do, I am always 100% myself in front of the camera. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not* Anyhoo, here I am after I dressed for the beach, but ended up being delayed after WAZE had me going round and round like a merry go-round at a roundabout in Barbados. But, finally making it to my destination, well, general area. I did not dip into the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, that day was just hectic, but oh-so much fun!

Listen, I know how traumatizing it can be. All those big trucks, with narrow, narrow streets and drivers don’t care…they are coming because they have places to be! So you as a newbie have to get with the program QUICK!

Truthfully, I did not plan on driving as much as I did, but I have a very persuading friend, plus, it worked out for the best with me driving, because sitting around waiting for someone to take me here and there, was not gonna be a good thing.

Do you drive when you’re in the Caribbean? We’d love for you to share your travel driving experience.