Sites of Interest in Medellin Colombia

The first time I visited Medellin, it was a brief visit for the day. I had my Colombian Travel Guide, and I was ready for a few hours of exploration, especially food-wise. I had to really tap into that side of my brain to activate the dormant Spanish side, anyhoo, as I wrestled to remember basic conversational words and phrases, my eyes were dancing along architectures, people moving about, locals, tourists, and just life happening, it was great!  

Medellin is known as the city of "eternal spring", and after walking about the beautiful city, and eating, I had to make my way back to the airport, but, there are many great sites to enjoy while in Medellin, and if you enjoy walking and racking up those Fitbit steps, then lace up those comfy sneakers as you explore many museums, historical churches, gardens, not to mention shopping, parks, and the popular tourist area of Las Palmas. A sprinkle of sites you can visit; 

  1. The neo-classical style church, Basilica Menor Nuestra Senora De La Candelaria
  2. Museo De Antioquia(Museum of Antioquia) 
  3. Museo  De Arte Moderno De Medellin
  4. Jardin Botanico