Survive that grotesquely delayed flight

Dear Travel Diary,

Picture it, Toronto 2018, a woman web checks-in for her 6:30p.m. flight, selects her seat, pays the extra and sets of to the airport, Pearson International Airport. On the way there they joke, they laugh as She, the passenger, looks forward greatly to being back in her home in T&T.

T1 at 4:00p.m. on this particular Saturday afternoon is calm, -13, not a lot of cars, but enough. Family says adieu and she's off to check her luggage. At 4:19p.m. her daughter's phone rings and she says, "the flight is delayed until 9:10 p.m."

 At 8:31p.m. she let's her daughter know "..the plane just arrived, it has to be cleaned."

Her daughter assuming all will be well she tells her mother, "have a good flight and get some much needed rest. Dad knows the changes and will meet you at the airport. Love you!" 

The morning of January 14 at 7:14a.m. the traveller contacts her daughter telling her, "the flight departed at 11:15p.m., arrived  at 5:15a.m., Air Canada did not give any further explanation as to the delay, and as you can imagine, I am not happy. But I'm just going to shower, and sleep. " 

Now here is the question, why don't airlines  properly advise their passengers? Passengers make arrangements, have schedules to maintain, and yes, I understand that while we are not in control of the weather, mechanical issues, surely the airline has more information they can share with their passengers. Passengers wasted approximately 7.5 hours with only being told, "the flight has been delayed."

That's enough to make anyone lose their cool. 

How she survived that long wait: 

  1. She remained calm
  2. She ate a light meal
  3. She read  
  4. She travelled light
  5. She dressed comfortably
  6. She was patient