12 Key Spanish Phrases To Help You Speak Spanish

It can be frustrating to be in a non-speaking English destination and you are not able to communicate, even on a most basic level.  Here are a few key phrases that will have you "passing" as somewhat of a local and communicating in no time: 🤓

  1. Hello/Hi = Hola
  2. Good morning/ afternoon/ evening = Buenos días/ tardes/ noches
  3. Please/ Thank you = Por favor/ Gracias
  4. How are you? = ¿Cómo estas?
  5. What is your name? = ¿Cómo se Ilama?
  6. My name is = mi nombre es…
  7. Do you speak English? = ¿Hablas inglés?
  8. I don’t understand = no entiendo
  9. Where is the bathroom? = ¿Donde está el baño?
  10. Goodbye = Adiós
  11. What time is it = que hora Es? 
  12. How much is this = cuanto cuesta esta?

I hope these help you in your South America exploration, and when in doubt say, "yo no hablan bien espanol" (I don't speak Spanish well)🕶