Bajan-Born Toronto Raised Soca Female DJ Amanda L. A.K.A. Dj Revz

Friday April 21st, 2017, will forever be ingrained in my memory, and that of Teisha as well, as a historic night for us. We got invited to co-host a nightly radio show with local Bajan born, Toronto resident, Amanda L on her weekly show showcasing West Indian music, local talents etc.  It just so happens on this particular night, she had the fab-gals of and did woman power rule that night!

The air was hot with craziness of the two-Bajans and the 1 Trini and the airwaves will never be the same, lol.  We had lots of fun, had some mic issues, laughed, touched on the local West Indian scene, spoke about, women, and travelling in general. 

Google Pics and mini-vids here

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