Video: The Bajan and Trini Accent


Dear Travel Diary,

The Caribbean hosts so many magnificent things, food, culture, art, history, weather, beaches, its people, festival, but none so more magnificent than the different accents. I found this video on YouTube and it made me smile and laugh with sweet abandon as I remembered the very first time I heard other island accents. 

Most of the times it's not that difficult to understand, what makes me listen HARD to Jamaicans, Bajans, and at times Grenadians is when the person or people begin to speak really fast, it's an absolute mind scramble :).

Check this vid out and drop us a comment and let us know about the first time you heard a different accent.

I've lived in Canada for many years and my Trini accent flutters in and out, when I'm around my peeps, and Gordon, oh it just appears, but then as quickly as it made its appearance it disappears. Sidenote, her accent is EXACTLY how we Trinis sound. We have a melody to our accent, it's almost danceable :)

Hear my somewhat Trini-infused with Canadian accent in a previous post I wrote sometime about the West Indian/Trini dialects and sayings.