The Correct Way To EAT a ROTI

ROTI: is an East Indian origin type of flat bread, however, the Trini version has it's own identity.  Say the word roti to any Trini and or West Indian, and they get a dazed and happy confused look.  This post is a short simple post about how to eat a roti.  And I cannot stress this enough UTENSILS ARE NOT REQUIRED!  You have to be all hands, well, more so finger tips. If the roti is wrapped up great, all you do is pick up the roti with your hands and take a bite.

Today mom and I dined at a local West Indian restaurant,Radica's, and I was amazed when  they put a knife and fork on the plate. I get it, outside of the Caribbean, Canadians etc.may not be used to eating with their hands, and naturally reach for utensils.....but you don't give ah Trini ah knife & fork with de roti! (that's an insult to de roti). De roti wants to be handheld. RESPECT DE ROTI, hold it!

As my mom demonstrates in this picture, you forego the utensils and simply bite into the roti.

always great with a Solo kola champagne

always great with a Solo kola champagne

The above pic shows that you;

  • take a piece of the roti, paratha
  • use the roti to scoop up the potato, sauce, and chicken
  • and simply put it into your mouth, chew, savour, and swallow.

So remember, the next time you dine at a West Indian restaurant, NO UTENSILS...your fingers are your utensils. :)