The Mayor of Mono Mills Is A FAB Baker!!

Dear Travel Diary,

One chilly Sunday afternoon we set off to find our Christmas tree. On our way there Mr. G, decided to follow another sign to a different Christmas tree lot....have you ever driven through the Hockley Valley? Winding roads give way to hidden driveways leading to sprawling mansions, quaint cottages, exquisite equestrian stables and farms, and those iddy-biddy sheltered cafes where the Mayor of Mono Mills, Laura Ryan,is a superb pie expert, a.k.a. baker. 

Anyhoo, as we drove by said tree lot, we spotted the following signage....


I love small towns, and as we chatted with the owner, his name escapes me, but as we chatted with him, it was such a calming place to be as we sat in the cozy cafe as it overlooked a babbling brook, covered by trees.

Time for the masterpiece, the cherry, I'm saying that this pie can change your life!! Just enough filling with the perfect amount of tartness, and that killer flaky divine crust. Mmm, mmm, mmmm!

Change your life cherry pie by Laura Ryan

Change your life cherry pie by Laura Ryan

For $20.00 you can take this masterpiece home and satisfy your own pie-cravings....whether or not the pie remains to be enjoyed another day, is all up to you :) . This pie is better than ANY store bought pie you'd get at any supermarket and that's a FACT!!!