The West Indian Scene in Toronto

The West Indian scene in Toronto is one of FOOD, EVENTS, and FETES(F.E.F), I just thought of that...but seriously, it is exactly that.  Back in my teens and 20's, I was a die-hard soca-warrior, no not the soccer team, but a feter!  Machel Montano (note there is no 'R' in Machel, it's pronounced Ma-Shell), couldn't touchdown and I was not there, as a matter-of-fact, NO soca artist couldn't touch down and I was not present.  I enjoyed the vibes of a soca-fete, dj's playing, waistlines rotating and everyone having a real good time.

DoubleM & I at Insomnia '06 - my face was fat!😀

DoubleM & I at Insomnia '06 - my face was fat!😀

Back to the topic at hand, the west Indian scene in Toronto is huge.  The community is vibrant and just wants to have a salaciously good time.  Not salacious as in lewd, lascivious, and or obscene, but more of a total enjoyment of anything done. And one thing West Indians are known for is limin', chilling, taking it easy and FETIN'(party).

I'm going to gently elaborate on three major elements of the West Indian scene in Toronto, Food, Events, and Fete:

  1. West Indian Food: You need but only take the time to look.  The key is to finding THE real deals, those establishments which provides authentic cuisine.  Well, as authentic as you can get OUTSIDE of the West Indies.  Many places may boast "they serve the best West Indian food" etc. But truth be told, one cannot be a master in ALL cuisine. Specializing is key.  I won't go to a Trini restaurant and expect to get the best Somali food now would I?
  2. Events: There is always something going on, somewhere. Torontolime is a site where one can view upcoming events in the city.  There are many djs in the city, and while a fete is a fete, there are also social events taking place, which somehow end up as a fete :), but what can I say, it's a West Indian thing.
  3. Fetes: What is a fete?  A fete is a party, plain and simple.  And there are many at any given moment celebrating just about any and everything.  Every holiday, if the West Indies cricket team won, there will be some social event celebrating that, guaranteed.

The one thing about F.E.F. is that they all gel together and are always found together, for there cannot be an event without food and music :).

So, when you have returned from your Caribbean vacation and you return home, take a close look around you and you will see just how many West Indian influences there are around you that you probably never realized existed.

Have a good time.