Some Of The Caribbean's TOP Beaches

Well, what's the Caribbean without beautiful, crystal clear, cerulean, aqua, turquoise and green water to lure you to their shores?  Well, I'll tell ya, no trip to the Caribbean is complete without submerging oneself into the sometimes warm Caribbean waters.

Let's kick this off with our first three:

Anguilla has Shoal Bay, and Maundays Bay.  Shoal is one of the world's prettiest beaches. It's family-friendly with oodles of room for privacy.  Maundays is a mile-long stretch of powdery soft sand on the island's Southwest coast and is great for swimming.

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Aruba has Eagle beach.

Barbados has a wealth of magnificent beaches. Dover, and Mullins, but Bottom Bayu is the quintessential Caribbean beach, it offers both seclusion and fabulousness. And then there is Crane Beach, which is a crescent of silky pink sand and ocean in varying shades of brilliant blue, accessible via 98 cliff-side or a glass-walled elevator.

What other beaches in these destinations have you experienced? We'd love to know 🍹.