Travel Tip: Protect Your Money and Information When You Travel

Your much needed getaway has arrived.  You are excited to experience new places, eat new food, meet interestingly new people, enjoy the sights, and become engrossed in a different culture, all while frolicking in the sun, while drinking rum drinks with snazzy exotic names.  But, while all that is going on thieves are keeping an eye out for unsuspecting individuals with money, jewellery, phones etc., looking for that opportunity to separate you from what's rightfully yours.

Here are several things I do, and you can do to keep your money and personal information safe while travelling:

  1. Advise your bank and credit card company.  They often have fraud monitoring systems that will flag purchases made outside of your usual geographic area.  Case in point, I went to Colombia, tried to use my card, it was declined.  I had to call my bank and let them know that I am in Colombia and I'm unable to use my card.  They had frozen my account due to the fact that a purchase was attempting to be made outside of my usual.
  2. Avoid public WiFi.  Contact your mobile company and possibly add on a data plan that travels with you, so you can use your own data while in destination Mainly because those networks are open and makes way for people to access your personal information. 
  3. Get a local SIM Card. These cards are reasonable and the data plans will be safer than using public WIFI.
  4. Use banks and bank ATM's to access cash.  Same as when you are at home, be weary of ATM's that aren't a known bank.  And even then, be aware of fake attachments which can be faulty and used to defraud you.

The same rules applies when you are travelling, MAINTAIN YOUR COMMONSENSE.  If something does not feel right, go with your gut and first impression and listen to that voice inside of you.

Have a fun and safe vacay!!