TnT Carnival is NOT a Vacation

No it is not, lol...Carnival is many things and the one thing that it definitely is, is PACE!! You will sweat, you will move, you will lose weight without trying, you will NOT get your 8 hours of beauty sleep, yet somehow, you will endure what the road will dish out on may levels and you will take it like a champion!!

Thought you could never move that way? Ha, wait until your waistline starts moving on its own to the pulsating soca music.  It will only be a matter of time before you begin to contort your body into front-facing, and bend down low positions, while in total awe that you had it in you.

Carnival is hoards of individuals synchronized to the music. Drawn to the motions of bodies slithering like snakes up and down the streets of POS & Sando.

Carnival is eating doubles for breakfast with a red Cannings sweet drink(soda) while standing up.  

Carnival is seeing, admiring, and wondering where in the world were all these super sexy, pretty women, and handsome men, before Carnival time.  Sure, many aren't citizens or locals to the islands, but the majority are homegrown.  So, enjoy the views.

Carnival is all-inclusive fetes. Food,drinks, music, and of course, lots of eye-candy.

Carnival is no sleep.

Carnival is lots of walking and chippin'(slow walk to music).

Carnival is 10 to 1 (10 women to 1 man). that's all well and good for the guys, but what about us gals? lol

Carnival is madness.

Carnival is a fashion show.

Carnival is a business.

Carnival is people.

Carnival is motion.

Carnival is bacchanal.

Carnival is costumes.

Carnival is big trucks.

Carnival is tourist season.

Carnival is couples breaking up.

Carnival can be drama-free.

Carnival is j'ouvert.

Carnival is seeing people you see but once a year, it's like Christmas.

Carnival is glitter.

Carnival is feathers.

Carnival is celebrities.

Carnival is expensive bikinis reworked and decorated.

Carnival is creativity.

Carnival is participation.

Carnival is fun. But most of all, 

Carnival is PACE and NOT A VACATION!!

So, lemme ask yuh, "ARE YOU READY FOR DE ROAD!?"

A peacock in The Enchanted Forest in IslandPeople Mas - C2K6

A peacock in The Enchanted Forest in IslandPeople Mas - C2K6