TnT Restaurant Week September 18 - 27

You can never say there aren't great events and activities to lose yourself in while you're in Trinidad & Tobago.  If food is your forte, you may want to check out #TTRestaurantWeek.  Fusion in food is a dynamic thing, especially when one is based in the West Indies with ample herbs, spices, and an array of delicious tropical fruits, meats and vegetables.

Much like Toronto's #summerlicious and #winterlicious participating restaurants offer a special pre fixe lunch and dinner menu. Prices are per person, and how awesome, one complimentary drink (woohoo!).  I've never attended, but, this is a great reason to hightail it out of Canada in September.

If you'd like to keep up with the event be sure to catch them on their social networks:
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Let's remember the hashtag #TTRestaurantWeek