RECOMMEND: Hiking Adventure in TnT with Nature Trekking

Meet Your Tour Guide, Emile Michael Serrette - Pic is property of Nature Trekking.

There is much to experience while you're in Trinidad & Tobago other than an all-inclusive fete. And whether you visit the twin island republic during or outside of the Carnival season, and you love nature & hiking adventures, you cannot go wrong by enlisting the professional personalized services of Emile Michael Serrette of Nature Trekking TnT.

Emile offers individuals the opportunity to explore the natural side of the islands by hosting and offering a variety of historical, hiking, and or nature tours.  Nature Trekking has also received 1st class ratings on TripAdvisor and the popularity only continues to grow.

Pic courtesy of Nature Trekking TnT

If you ever participate in any of his tours, do be a dear and drop us a line as we'd love to know about your experience.

Wear comfy shoes and ENJOY!!

DISCLAIMER: This recommendation was not paid for by the supplier.  I have recommended Nature Trekking of my own free will.