Think You Can Be A Tour Guide

Source: Google

Source: Google

Have you ever thought about being a tour guide on an escorted tour? Do you believe you have what it takes to lead a group of set-in-their-ways adults, kids who can get bored at the mere blink of an eyelash? If the answer is "you must be mad, no", I must say I expected that, but if you smiled and got excited at the thought of leading your eager-to-know group of roving visitors, who are curious, asks all the right questions and are eager to know what you know and about what happened at this place at that moment in history, then to you I ask, "do you enjoy what you do, and care to share your experiences as a tour guide with us?"

Carol from Little Britain is  NOT  the type of guide you'd want, lol. Pic Source: Facebook

Carol from Little Britain is NOT the type of guide you'd want, lol. Pic Source: Facebook

Now who is a tour guide?  Well, a tour guide works in the travel industry, this individual guides guided tours to groups of visitors.  These information filled walking encyclopedias are experts on a destination and the history of the location and offer their tour groups very interesting or enlightening information about points of interest, local attractions, nature, museums, scenic locations, nature, and other travel destinations.  As a tour guide you have to be a well informed person, a people person, and one who is able to share a destinations good, interesting, and bad points. 


  • Be an expert in area of concentration
  • Answer specific questions about locations, history, amenities and artifacts.
  • Be effective communication skills are essential.
  • Be highly organized, punctual and ethical.
  • Be exceptional time-management skills
  • Be thoroughly research pertinent information.
  • Be bi. or  multilingual. Although it may not be essential, it is an asset for many guides. 

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At we work with local reputable DMC's who provide excellent tour guide service to our ladies while on tour. Hope to have you on many of our retreats.