Travel Tip: Gift for Your Host

As a child I remember whenever we visited someone's home, especially if it were the first time, or a special occassion, we presented a small token of our appreciation as a thank you for the honour of welcoming us. These were not lavish presents trying to win over someone, but something which will be used by all or add to their homely environment. 

This is almost a lost practice today and it's one that should be maintained, especially if you are a traveller and your journey includes a visit or short stay to a locals home. It's not a MUST-DO, but it shows that you are honoured for the opportunity to be welcomed into their home and for a short moment share in their lives.

Here are some tasteful ideas to present to your local host: 

  • A knickknack from your country (Canadian t-shirt with the flag, or maple leaf, authentic maple syrup etc.) 
  •  À hardcover book about your country
  • Something which interests the host (find out ahead of time) 
  • If giving jewellery, a tasteful watch for the man of the house, for the woman, perhaps a beautiful scarf etc.
  • Upon your departure leave an envelope addressed to the family with cash, especially if you are visiting for more than 2 days(preferably in USD as that currency carries more value).

Naturally these are simply suggestions, but a family will be appreciative of the effort you have made by you showing just how thankful you are for being welcomed into their home, meeting and interacting with their family, sharing meals together and becoming acquainted with one another. There is a lot of TRUST for strangers to open their homes to another, be thankful, kind, and enjoy the experience. 

Happy Travels!