Travel Tip: Safety In Numbers

You've heard the saying, "there is safety in numbers."  

I know today's society praises women for travelling and having epic solo-adventures .  Girl Power movements glorifying, "girl, just do it by your own damn self!"  And while all that's empowering and wonderful, but "there is safety in numbers" and something to be said for safety of travelling with a group of trusted friends and or family members.  Don't get me wrong, a woman can travel with an army of trusted foot soldiers and something can still happen, but the chances of some greasy slime-ball getting to her is much higher because of the fortress they'll have to breach just to get to her.

We live in a connected, and fast society where you don't have the luxury of letting your guard down, because if you're not aware of your surroundings and who is around  you, guaranteed, someone is watching you, and if they notice your routine, or that you are alone, you've just created a prime opportunity for that wolf in sheeps clothing.   Locals and tourists alike, no matter where you may roam, always travel in pairs and then some

Tips for Solo Female Travellers:

  1. Register with your home embassy 
  2. Make copies of your travel documents, passport, id, itineraries, cc # etc. and give to a family member or trusted friend
  3. Always let family and friends know where you are
  4. If checking in at a hostel, b&b, even brand hotel, use a first initial and request a room NOT on the main floor
  5. Travel in pairs and more
  6. Pack light and take only what you can carry half a mile, if you need to bolt like Usain Bolt
  7. Use common sense
  8. Have a decoy purse, especially if theft is a problem where you're visiting
  9. Spread the love and return favors to other female travellers you encounter at home (see #7)
  10. REMEMBER: Not everyone who smiles at you is genuine

Happy & Safe Travels where ever you may roam!