Travel Tip: Safety in the Hotel Room

Women Rock! 

Women Rock! 

As a female traveller safety is prevalent everywhere, especially when travelling alone. I thought I'd share a simple tip I exercise when in a hotel room. 

Upon entry into the hotel room, before I turn into McGuyver and Chief Room Inspector, I always engage the safety chain or the security bar, if available, to double lock the door. I like to carry a simple rubber door-stopper. It's inexpensive, takes up virtually zero space, gives added peace of mind, and is super light.

Sometimes the main door may or may not require it, but there are those times when I'm in an adjoining room with that questionable lock. Simple tip for the gal on the go. 

 This will also save paranoid individuals the exhausting task of waking up every hour to check the door.

Safe happy travels!!  

Are there any simple safety tips you use when you are in a hotel?