Travel Tip #102 : Show Gratitude to Your Local Host

The travel climate being what it is today where travellers yearn for an authentic experience, private accommodations within the home of a local, offers visitors a unique opportunity to live with a local resident, share their lives and learn from one another.  


And in being welcomed into someone's home there are some very basic rules when it comes to being a guest:

  • Arrive with a gift (Not everyone will accept wine, so be sure to know your audience before)
  • Treat their home better than yours (keep your room clean, respect the home and hosts)
  • Buy your own groceries
  • Make the bed (you are not in a hotel and there is no room service)
  • Don't be rude (if you don't like something, be tactful)
  • Lend a hand where necessary
  • Ask about the house rules
  • Strip your bed on the day of your departure
  • Leave a parting gift (you've stayed with your hosts and you've become aware to their likes, wants and needs)
  • Send a thank-you note (when you've returned home, send a thank you , it shows your gratitude and decency as a human being) :)

Have you ever stayed with local hosts, if so what type of a guest are you and do you have any tips to impart?

Happy Travels!