pack for a tropical climate

Copyright 2012-2018 - Gap top, Joe Fresh linen shorts, Sunnies & Fedora purchased in Colombia

Copyright 2012-2018 - Gap top, Joe Fresh linen shorts, Sunnies & Fedora purchased in Colombia

Depending on your destination, events and activities you will be participating in, naturally your clothing will have to be better suited, but if you are simply visiting for a leisure escape, you do not need to have your entire closet accompany you on your getaway.

Don't be THAT traveller who over packs and dresses to show off.

On a recent trip I packed only a carry-on for 9 days. I maintained by vision of knowing my schedule for the duration of the trip and taking into consideration the climate, I packed accordingly. Here is a list of a few of my favourite options to pack.

  1. Cotton & linen are your friends. They are easy to wear and wash

  2. Simple light tops, for both day and night

  3. One pair of jeans (which I wear to travel)

  4. 3 interchangeable swimsuits

  5. Basic accessories. Noise-free bangles, Fitbit, earrings to wear with everything

  6. Basic makeup. Foundation, powder, mascara, eyebrow powder, lip liner/lipstick, lip balm

  7. No hair products needed as my hair is short and natural, and leave-in conditioner works perfectly for my hair.

  8. Ensemble for a formal/business affair

  9. 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of sandals, and 1 kitten heel shoe, plus the Keds I travel in (which works perfectly with all outfits for my outings during the day)

I have always been a simple classic style dresser. And while I'm fascinated by current trends and styles, I'm not always one to dress the way everyone else is dressing.

Copyright 2012-2018

Copyright 2012-2018

I love white, cotton, linen, flowing dresses or skirts etc. They are easy to wear and launder, not to mention easy to pack. 

I love comfortable, light, and white clothing when in a tropical destination. Those red Zara boots are a staple for me, if I could find a pair in tan I'll be golden!!


How do you like to dress when you're travelling? Are you casual, unfussy, classy, comfort or uncomfortable fashion??