Travel Tip: Travelling During The Christmas Rush

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Dear Travel Diary,

December 21, 2017, has been earmarked as "the busiest day at Pearson International Airport", mainly because over 100,000 passengers will be travelling for the Christmas holidays.  Now, before you go all crazy I want you to remember a few basic tips when travelling during the mad Christmas rush.

  1. Check ALL travel documents - the last thing you want is to arrive at the airport and you present an expired passport - those situations NEVER end well!
  2. Pre check-in - 24 - 48 hrs get online and check-in! Trust me, you don't want to arrive the day of and you're faced with that hellafied long line - then you start to get stressed out ugh...avoid that and pre check-in.
  3. Confirm your flight is scheduled to depart as planned - true story this happened to a friend of mine. She got to the airport, this was before apps and email updates, and wondered WHY the line was so short, mmm hmm, flight cancelled till the next day. 
  4. Prepay for all baggage & food - Listen, unless you're travelling on an airline which offers you FREE baggage check, do yourself a favour and prepay online - PLEASE! Though SOME airlines fees for baggage check are absolutely ridiculous! But, if you're travelling with kids and for a long time, you'll need your stuff won't you!?
  5. Arrive earlier than scheduled. Most international flights ask you to be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure, I'd tack on another 1hr to that
  6. Keep kids entertained - PLEASE! - Remember those toys that will keep your little travellers happy and calm throughout a flight, even a short flight - and by short I mean from 2 -  hours, anything more than that, well, do I really need to say it! Pack the quiet arsenals or do like the Clooney's and present the passengers with noise cancelling headphones.
  7. Label your luggage. True gone are the days of everyone having the typical black luggage, but even with all those fancy-smancy luggage, still LABEL! That plaid piece of fabric can be cut off!
  8. Prepare for crowds. 
  9. Pack smart - Unless you absolutely MUST pack Christmas gifts, don't wrap them and DO NOT put in checked baggage. This time of year, luggage is more prone to go astray. You know, you're in the islands, and your luggage is in Goa. let's not have that happen to you.
  10. Pack light & smart and DO EASE OFF THE ELEVATED EGGNOG, a.k.a. Puncha crème (T&T style) 



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