When in The Caribbean Travel Tip #101


This is a way of life to West Indians, and while I'm positive NOT only West Indians greet everyone they meet along their daily routines, it is quite the norm.  The moment you step out of your door, guaranteed someone along your path, WILL say, "good morning, hello", if you enter a taxi or a bus etc...you will hear, "morning everybody" etc.  Quite the change from how many greet in North America.  Now, NOT ALL West Indians WILL warmly greet you, BUT 9 out of 10 WILL.

So don't be surprised when you're greeted with a rousing good morning, good afternoon, goodnight, whappen'? etc.  Just activate those manners your parents instilled in you as a child and respond accordingly and you'll be A.ok!

Happy Travels,

J & T
Founders of Island Fitness Retreats