Villa de Leyva and the Reasons You MUST Visit



Streets paved in stone and white walls greet travellers arriving in Villa de Leyva a town in Boyacá which is part of the Colombian National Network Of Heritage Towns. it is located 3 hours by land north of Bogotá. Founded on June 12 1572 and recognise what colonial architecture, Villa de Leyva lives the 21st century with intensity, sharing its history with all who visit it.
— Colombia.Travel

If it were just for the drive to Villa de Leyva, I would say, no.  Leaving Bogota we set out on what seemed to be a very long drive, when it was only 3-4 hours, but nevertheless, a long drive, where landscapes changed from city, to roads winding through mountains, and always very lush and green, a few homes, as we passed through town and then signs of terracotta, and suddenly there were pops of colour.  Except for the times where I nodded off, and I may have missed something, but, I think that was it for the picturesque landscapes.  Truly beautiful to see, so much so that it reminded me of driving in the Southern parts of Trinidad.

Now that you're here, what do  you do?  Hmmm, depending on the time of year you visit you can let our feet and map direct your stoned path to any of the following and many more: -

  1. Sutamarchan tomato fight - the middle of the year
  2. Visit churches, monasteries, convents
  3. Visit museums
  4. Ostrich farm
  5. Visit the Terracotta House
  6. Eat Sutamarchan sausage - a delicious roadside snack
  7. Visit the home of writer Don Juan de Castellanos home
  8. The museum of paleontology

There are no big name brand hotels here, but something even more perfect.  Old homes welcoming visitors, spa hotels, hostels and boutique hotels are the available accommodations here.  Very quaint, and full of old world charm.  I slept soundly and was very well rested with the fresh air coming, it was simply divine.

I love this town, it's charming and so very welcoming.  It is a MUST!