We Want You As A Guest Blogger

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Dear Travel Diary,

We admit it, we would love to have you as a guest blogger on our side of the blogoverse. If you are a savvy femme with a natural love and affinity for travel, The Caribbean & South America its food, culture, lifestyle, weather, and general awesomeness, then we invite you to be a guest blogger, and share your views with us. Though we are focused on those destinations, we are very welcoming for adventures throughout the World!

Have you played mas in T&T, eaten flying fish and cou-cou in Barbados, did you make your own chocolate in St. Lucia, built schools in Haiti, were you the happiest person on the happy island of Aruba, did you have a time with the kinky reggae in Jamaica, enjoy a mud bath in Volcan de Lodo El Totumo in Cartagena, downward dog in Costa Rica?  Or are you a local who truly enjoys their home where others vacation? Tell us about travelling solo, or in a group, share your personal tips.....believe meeeee, we truly do want to know about it!


OMG, you're still reading?  How magnificent!  Ok, the requirements are simple: 

  • You have a passion for the Caribbean & South America and all that it has to offer
  • Your post has to be more than but not less than 200 words
  • Your post must be YOUR words, YOUR experience, YOURS, YOURS, YOURS. We respect you more if you CREDIT your sources with links
  • Your post must contain pictures - again, credit sources if they are not yours
  • Include a short write-up with photo about who YOU are - this is your chance to let your inner narcissist rage on!

All we ask in return is you take the time to peruse our site, comment and share with your viewers, because, we certainly will.  We will be hosting a new blogger every Thursday, beginning October 26th. 

Looking forward to reading your awesome adventures. Email us at