What stops a person from travelling

                                                 What stops a person from wanting to travel?  


Some times I sit back and think, "how can a person not love to travel and experience a new culture and or lifestyle?"  And I answer myself with, "they're crazy, that's the reason why." (says the one asking and answering her own questions). 

I remember an ex-coworker, from many moons ago, who had absolutely no desire to travel outside of Canada, not even outside of her postal code.  She thought it was pointless to waste money and time to see how other cultures live. She was content with Toronto and Toronto alone.  And while that may be the bees knees for her, I can't help but think how limiting her thoughts process is.  

Her reasons were:

  1. Not interested in other cultures 
  2. Don't like change
  3. Don't have money  
  4. No place like home         

Now while I am for local exploration of your hometown, I believe exploration outside of your locale and country is a phenomenal experience, one should never limit themselves, in any capacity.