What to bring


Hola T.Diary,

Packing is not rocket science though it can seem that way sometimes, having said that, there are some basic items that's a MUST along with clothing etc., and it's not complex.

  1. Currency and credit cards. I often keep cards just for emergencies. But it's good practice to keep local currency, preferably in small bills to give as tips etc., and of course the world's currency, USD.  
  2. COMFORTABLE clothing and shoes. Listen, I get it, at times we gals believe every mishap or event will happen on our trip so as a good scout, we prepare for every possible what-can-happenstance. I have found that packing smart and light with interchangeable that go easily from day to night pieces, cotton fabrics that are light and easy to pack with cute yet comfy footwear is the way to go.  E.g. I have a tan colour pair of Keds that are my go-to footwear.
  3. Medication make it a point to travel with your meds in the administered bottle with your Drs name and info on it.
  4. VALID PASSPORT I mean does this really need to be said?   You'd be surprised!
  5. The 3 S's sunglasses, sunscreen and swimsuit. Afterall, what's a getaway without sun, sand, ans or chlorine?
  6. CAMERA, EXTRA STORAGE, TRIPOD, and whatever doodads you personally  need to take those fab Instagram-worthy pics, 
  7. And last but never least COMMONSENSE & A SENSE OF HUMOUR!!