Tales From Our Kitchen - When G Cooks

Fish cooked in salt - it's NOT salty!

Fish cooked in salt - it's NOT salty!

Dear Travel Diary,

I love food! I love preparing, cooking, presenting, and of course, EATING food!  And, I adore and love one single man who appreciates food, just the same. Not just eating it, oh, he's a vegetarian, but more so the preparation and cooking of said food..... (cleaning is a totally different thing), :).

Here are a few pics of Gordon and his 'sweet hand' which he has prepared at home just for us, no entertaining or anything, you know, just a good time at home :)

He also makes killer brownies! 

Gordon serves the ladies.JPG

Great host


Does your significant other, husband, etc...ever cook?  If so, what are some of their fave home cooked meals?