When Live Stream FAILS & Planning a Destination Wedding Tips

It is said that, "experience is a good teacher", and in that case, do WE have a LOT to learn. 

May 20, my business partner and I attempted to broadcast a live stream on Periscope discussing tips for a successful destination wedding while drinking Pina coladas, with an almost two years old running around, lol. Yes, I know, hilarity out the wazoo! 

  1. First fail: Forgetting to tweet the LIVE event beginning now.
  2. Second fail: Forgetting to give out the username and info for the LIVE event.
  3. Third fail: Too many Pina coladas🍹🍹 
  4. Fourth fail: Did not have a themed styled set

Regardless of the fails, it was fun even with our 11 viewers it proved to us just how valuable organization and proper marketing is necessary to bringing live eyes to an event.

Having said that, we are working on scheduling a 2nd LIVE event, which we will be much better prepared for(we hope).

Teisha's Tips:

  1. Be organized
  2. Hire the help of a professional who recognizes YOUR vision and works with you to achieve it
  3. Know what you want
  4. Ship items to the destination to avoid you being saddled with a heavy load when travelling
  5. Do not stress

Are you a bride who has had a destination wedding?  If so, how was your experience with it all?