Don't Travel With These People

Tayrona Park, Colombia - ©

Tayrona Park, Colombia - ©

Dear Travel Diary,

Who is the ideal travel partner? That person for whom travelling and experiencing all that is around them is simply a great thing? I was thinking about this and had some thoughts of the person you DON'T want to travel with first:


  1. OCD PLANNER - this is the person who has every single second planned, you need an appointment to scratch. 
  2. CHEAPSKATE- this is the person who will scour the internet for 1001 coupons, and go crazy with the taxi driver over a penny.
  3. SELF-PROCLAIMED CELEBRITY - this is the person who is never happy with anything, even in a 5-star hotel, and they believe the world owes them everything. Complains a lot, demands a lot.
  4. KNOW-IT-ALL - or THE TRAVEL GURU - lawd stop the madness now, for this person knows and has done it all. If you've been to Italy, then they've been to a stripclub with the Pope.
  5. NERVOUS WRECK - everything that can go wrong will go wrong for this person, everyone is following them, a mosquito bite is classified defcon 5 issues, they will worry for every thing.
  6. COUPLE - praytell if they are a brand-new couple hugged up every second, but worse if they are on separate continents for the hunt for wifi and phone service will be priority also, everything will remind them of the other. How long will that take before it gets BORING!?
  7. I'M NOT EATING THAT - this person scorns everything, nothing ever looks, smells, or tastes right. This is the person who will seek out McDonald's & KFC in Bangkok
  8. NON-ADVENTURER - "I'M NOT EATING THAT!" - no explaination needed!
Iguana in Aruba - ©

Iguana in Aruba - ©

I know there are more alienating travellers one can do without while travelling, but the next post will look at who you should travel with, if not just explore by your lonesome :)


Have you ever travelled with any of these types of people, if so, how did you, or they survive?

Happy Travels!