Do Not Pack 10 Jeans 20 Shoes For A Weekend Trip

Here we go, the impending doom of packing for either a weekend jaunt, a week away, and or a long stay trip. There is always the angst of, "ugh, what the hell to pack for this trip?" Don't you feel anxious when you aimlessly gaze into the abyss of your closet to see absolutely nothing worthy, hashtag #ModernDayProblems? Really? Surely it can't be only me, I refuse to believe that it's just me.

Many years ago I would pack approximately the following for a 10 day trip: 

  • 6+ jeans
  • 20 tops t-shirts etc. 
  • 10 swimsuits  
  • 10+ pairs of shoes not including the pair used for travelling 
  • 5 - 10+ dresses
  • "Just in case" options
  • Outfits for everyday
  • All sorts of accessories
  • Toiletries  & hair products  (Thank God for natural hair and or braids)
  • More lingerie than Victoria Secret
  • Laptop, smartphone, tablet, camera  
  • All sorts of magazines & books, and other things. 


And what would piss me off was the fact that I would not touch a third of what was packed, and my suitcase was HEAVY. 

A weekend escape does not call for a Carrie Bradshaw closet revival. You're escaping for a weekend all you need, depending on your destination so we will say the West Indies, are 2 swimsuits, pair of sandals, a pair of sneakers, and a sensible pair of heels, nice dress, sarong, sunglasses, wide rim hat, a few light tops, a bag with your phone, tablet or iPad, minimal toiletries, and makeup.

Surely that is not crazy and realistic. You can do it ladies. 


  • 6 stilhettos - NO IMPRACTICAL SHOES
  • 10 jeans 
  • Books/magazines
  • All your electronics 
  • All accessories
  • Linens
  • Food

Clearly in 2016 one does not need to pack ones closet nor does one need to over pack and be uncomfortable lugging around a 100LB suitcase. 

Packing motto: PACK LIGHT.

1 pair of walking shoes, 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of dressy shoes, at least 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of linen pants/shorts, sundress, tank tops, 2 belts, accessories which can be dressed up or dressed down, underwear ( I say just go commando if you can, smartphone, tablet, and your basic travel size toiletries.