Winter Craft Beer Festival

Copyright 2016

If you ever hear an adult who lives in the city, even outside of the city say, "Toronto is so boring", believe me when I say that said person is totally crazy! There is no shortage of events happening at any given moment in the city, and what's great is if  you don't know you will just happen-upon an event, and such was the case today when I took my son to Ripley's and directly across the street an event for the bigger kids over 21 , The Winter Craft Beer Festival.

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Those who know me, know that I'm not any sort of a beer drinker, but it certainly did look as though those who were in attendance were having a ball. Just from the music, and smell of food in the air, and I know for a fact that amongst all the beer companies, there were food vendors there, the air smelled much too delicious to not have food to accompany all that beer.

I  will have to keep an eye out for this event next year, just for the food vendors, and maybe I'll tag along with a beer-drinking buddy. Did you attend, if so how was it?